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          "Uncover Your Family's History"

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          Learn about our collections and services. See what we have and how we can help you.

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          Offering a wide range of books and other resources for family historians. You can access the online store 24/7 or visit us at 2/379 Kent Street

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          Access a plethora of member-only resources, including help with DNA, access to our webinar library, articles, directories and our journal, Descent

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          about us

          Discover who we are, what we do and what resources we have that might help you.

          Understand our history; meet the Board, the staff and our wonderful volunteers.  We couldn't open the doors without them.!

          Support us with a donation or bequest and learn more about the partnerships we have to help you with your research.

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          Our Library is at 2/379 Kent Street Sydney. This is on the western side of Kent Street between King and Market Streets, and slightly closer to Town Hall than Wynyard railway station.  

          Our Archives, library stack and seminar facilities are at Richmond Villa, 120 Kent Street, Millers Point. This is at the northern (The Rocks) end of Kent Street just past the approaches to the Harbour Bridge and adjacent to Observatory Hill.  

          JUST STARTing out? 

          Not sure where to begin?  Interested in finding out if you really are related to Ned Kelly, or whether it's true your family arrived on the First Fleet in 1788?   We've been helping people with their family history for over 85 years, so why not let us help you get started too?

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          Interested in dna?

          Are you wondering which test you should take and what it will tell you?  Or have you already tested, received your results, but need help understanding what they mean?  If you are a bit confused about how closely related you are to a fifth cousin, or what it really means if you share 38 cMs of DNA with someone, then we can help. 


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          Our Research Centre is at 2/379 Kent St, Sydney.

          Our office is at Richmond Villa, 120 Kent St, Sydney.

          Location map

          See our hours of opening for each building.

          CONTACT US

          Call : +61 2 9247 3953


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